What is 360modern?

360modern is your premier real estate partner for buying or selling Modern homes. We offer real estate marketing services and representation for those wanting to buy or sell a Modern home, and a hub for pertinent and interesting information about Modern architecture and Modernism.

How does 360modern help me?

For sellers, we can get the word out to people actively searching for a Modern home quicker than anyone else. We provide unequaled exposure to buyers in the modern market, both locally and world-wide.

For buyers, it means we understand the modern aesthetic/lifestyle and we have knowledge about neighborhoods where many of these modern homes exist; which saves time when searching for these architecturally interesting homes.

What is different about the 360modern website?

360modern.com provides a unique, one-of-a-kind search capability focused solely on Modern. 360 Modern agents hand select modern homes from the general MLS feed daily. This saves time and effort for buyers using our services.

For sellers using our services, it provides an opportunity to present their fabulous Modern homes to people who will admire and appreciate them, many of whom will consider purchasing the home.

Why do I have to register to use the site?

Because 360 Modern agents hand-pick the modern homes from the general MLS feed, showcasing them separately on our site, the Northwest MLS requires that we obtain registration information for you to view these modern homes. If you don’t want to register, you can still use the general search on the site but you will see all the homes for sale, not the modern homes alone.

What makes a home “Modern?”

We define Modern homes under two categories- Classic Modern and Contemporary Modern.

The Classic Modern house was designed and built from the 1920s to approximately 1970, with a preponderance developed after 1945 (post WWII). They range from the International Style as exemplified by Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe to the Modern Ranch House that predominates the North American West. The architecture was most typically a post-and-beam structure with a flat or broad low-pitched gable or shed roof. Exposed structure, an expressive use of modern materials, and the incorporation of landscaped areas sometimes inside the house.

The Contemporary Modern house shares several characteristics with the Classic Modern, most notably the exposed structure and use of modern materials, especially the use of metal roofing, some synthetic sidings, added steel structural support, and often Green or sustainable design features and functionality. In general, the Contemporary Modern home is often larger than the Classic Modern home.

Will 360Modern be coming to my city any time soon?

We are growing and expanding and will be launching several new cities this year. If you would like yours to be one of them, drop us a line and let us know.