Top Pacific Northwest Midcentury Modern Homes

It doesn’t seem to matter where you go, Mid-century Modern homes are popular. The Pacific Northwest is no different, and there are plenty of great Mid-century Modern houses to choose from. Whether you’re searching in Seattle, Portland or another city in the Pacific Northwest, you’re sure to find plenty of beautiful Mid-century homes.

Architectural Design Features Specific to the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a very unique area, and the architecture is no different. From Portland to Seattle, there are several unique homes all throughout the region. Here’s a look at a few of the most unique styles found throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Tiny House in Your Backyard: Accessory dwelling units are popping up across the NW

Guest Blog: Modern Architecture and Design Society (MA+DS)  “Granny Flat.” “Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU.)” Or in our neighbor to the north, Vancouver, the “Laneway Home.”  Whatever you call it, small secondary […]