October 2021 Modern Market Flabbergasters

The Modern homes in this month’s Flabbergasters are ridiculous. After all, only the elite can afford a penthouse where you get a $3.2 million dollar Aston Martin thrown in. You may not have the bank account to shop in this market…but we’ll show you the craziest listings world-wide, and you don’t have to spend a dime.

Modern Masters: How Mwworks uses Design to Amplify the World Around Them

The Seattle-based residential architecture firm shows its appreciation for the environment through immersive Northwest Modern design. Modern Masters is a recurring 360Modern digital feature, spotlighting the top Modern architects, designers, […]

The Midcentury Modern Designs of Mel Smilow

Mel Smilow may be a name you’ve never heard, however, when it comes to midcentury modern designers, Mel Smilow is a name you should know for many reasons. His incredibly successful career and thick portfolio should have led to more recognition in the MCM space, and yet, he is often overlooked.