Art? Sculpture? Furniture? Paul Evans Design

Is it art? Is it sculpture? Is is furniture? These are questions we find ourselves asking when admiring the works of Paul Evans. One of America’s most controversial furniture designers, Evans is known prominently for the contributions he made later in his career to the American Craft Movement.

The Midcentury Modern Designs of Mel Smilow

Mel Smilow may be a name you’ve never heard, however, when it comes to midcentury modern designers, Mel Smilow is a name you should know for many reasons. His incredibly successful career and thick portfolio should have led to more recognition in the MCM space, and yet, he is often overlooked.

11 MCM Style Sofas To Give Your Living Room A Pop Of Color

Creating the perfect MCM living room isn’t as simple as it might sound. It requires planning, searching, patience, and a budget capable of supporting all the necessary pieces. From artwork […]